Sourcing & Logistics

Driving growth through the search for tailor-made end-to-end solutions.

We have all the necessary tools and know-how to find the best solutions in the Asian market.

Our multicultural team of professionals based in China has the experience, resources and skills required to successfully execute any of our clients’ projects in the Asian market.

We take care of you
and your interests

From sourcing products or suppliers, to negotiation, quality control and the logistics involved, NyC Halabi is dedicated to providing you with a full service, with minimum disruption and no worries.

What we do

A qualified, dedicated and experienced in-house team

We employ our own staff in the Chinese market, who are specialised in each stage of the sourcing process. Their experience, together with their knowledge of the specifics of this market, makes them crucial to the success of each project.

We take care of finding the most suitable suppliers for your needs. We are specialists in searching for and selecting those manufacturers whose work track record is a guarantee of quality.
Our professionals are in charge of supervising the fulfilment of the manufacturer’s obligations: quality, quantities, deadlines, delivery…
We oversee the entire logistics process, focusing on a stable, continuous and smooth supply chain.

Our key value

We respond to any unforeseen event

Our broad experience allows us to anticipate most problems, even though unexpected events may arise. We provide quick and efficient solutions to any situation.

In-depth knowledge of the market

Thanks to our track record in the global market we are able to apply our knowledge to your project in order to achieve the most suitable solution for you.

We accompany you through the whole import process

We are capable of handling the entire import process: from sourcing suppliers, quality control and even logistics. We provide you with comprehensive support at every stage.

Agile, efficient, direct and personalised service

Clear and efficient communication is essential for success. This is why we ensure continuous and fluid interaction with our team at all times.

In essence it all comes down to finding the best solution, through a reliable relationship and a strong commitment.